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MEDAREM TRAVEL is a company dedicated to the organization, logistics and execution of tourist packages inside and outside the country, as well as a supplier of Tourist Transport and its logistics.

CHAUPIMUNDO S.A. is our corporate name as a transport company which endorses us with all the permits required for the circulation of all our units in national territory; these permits being granted by the NATIONAL TRANSIT AGENCY, national transport regulator, of which we have the operating permit for all our transport units.


We have a wide portfolio of units to help make a trip and know the beauty of our country:

✔︎ Buses up to 40 passengers 

✔︎ Buses up to 32 passengers

✔︎ Buses of 20 to 25 passengers

✔︎ Mini-Buses from 8 to 19 passengers

✔︎ Vans up to 7 passengers

✔︎ jeep or truck 4x4 up to 3 or 4 passengers

Discover Ecuador with MEDAREM TRAVEL, from Now closer to You!

Destinations Ecuador

The experience comes with the time that has been used in an activity and in our case we have an experience of more than 20 years traveling the world and of course our country.

Let us advise you on your vacations, such as: the distances and approximate times it would take to get from the place of origin to the destination you choose.
Let us comment on the attractions you may find along the way; Places where you can plan your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Let us advise you the appropriate clothing, obviously it is not the same to climb up to 5000 meters high to travel to our Amazon.

Let us advise on the potential activities that your children or yourself can carry out.

It is not too much to tell you that we know countless sites with their respective hotels, etc ...


  • Dare to climb this majesty, at least once in a lifetime!...


  • We will arrive at the Otavalo market, if it coincides on a...


  • Not very far from Quito, is the Cloud Forest of Mind...


  • The Quilotoa considered one of the most beautiful lakes in...

´Four Worlds´ in One place, here we present you four Highlights of the country, but our beautiful Ecuador has many more places to visit!

Medarem Travel also offers to take you to discover for example; 
El Ángel - Antisana - Baños - Petrified Forest of Puyango - Cayambe-Coca and Papallacta - Chimborazo - Cuenca - Puerto López - Quito

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