About us

CHAUPIMUNDO S.A., its commercial name MEDAREM TRAVEL, is a service company of TOURIST TRANSPORT and its Logistics on the Ecuadorian market.

Traveling and knowing different cultures enriches the person. See that there is always a place to improve on a personal level is also reflected in the business culture. For example; the value of service and punctuality in more developed cultures than our country, is a norm. We encourage you to know our country!

In the field of logistics we have dedicated ourselves to the Tourist Transport Service. We have a wide portfolio of clients that have required our transportation service, among them: travel agencies, tour operators, public institutions and individual clients, both nationally and internationally.

Our vision

We believe that experience is a factor that determines an excellent product; in our case a good service! Additionally; the constant improvement with the renewal of the units in short periods.

We think we can differentiate ourselves from competitors that could offer the same product-service.

Our objective

A constant growth, based on an excellent service to the tourist community, complying fully with our obligations and regulations with the public institutions regulating tourist transport.


Knowledge of the beauty of our country:

✔︎ Buses up to 40 passengers 

✔︎ Buses up to 32 passengers

✔︎ Buses of 20 to 25 passengers

✔︎ Mini-Buses from 8 to 19 passengers

✔︎ Vans up to 7 passengers

✔︎ Jeep or truck 4 x 4 up to 3 or 4 passengers

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Address: José Velasco Ibarra Oe2 - 60 and Chimborazo, Cumbayá, Quito - Ecuador

Telephone: +593 (2) 28 93 309 - Cellular / WhatsApp: 099 978 2138 - 098 464 7625