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The Antisana is a majestic and mysterious volcano in the Eastern mountain range of about 5704 meters high. It is the fourth highest volcano of Ecuador.

This Ecological Reserve hosts a wide variety of areas of life and is considered one of the ten "hot spots" of the world by being incorporated in the upper basin of the Napo River. It is a perfect place to share time with your family, and above all it is close to the city of Quito where you can distract, breathe fresh air, and clear your mind of the stress of the city.

Volcanic activity, retreat of glaciers and evolution has created impressive landscapes in their territory as well as a very diverse wildlife. Like a mirror of the volcano is the Lagoon of Mica; hence part of the water from the city of Quito. Apart from the lagoon, there are swampy areas where water is flooded in the rainy season, forming seasonal lagoons like St. Lucia or Mauca Machay.

There are 78 species of birds, such as cuscungo, curiquingue, ligle, hummingbird star among others. In addition to the native fauna, large populations of sheep, horses and cattle inhabit the Antisana páramos; there is also abundant trout introduced into the rivers and lagoons of the area.

This magical place is only 2 hours by vehicle from the city of Quito, discover, it will enrich your mind!


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