Tour El Ángel

Ecological Reserve El Ángel is located in the province of Carchi in northern Ecuador Sierra region.

Battalions of thousands of vegetal beings provided with the most extraordinary adaptations, challenge the rigor of the climate in the high páramos of El Ángel: they are the Frailejones; the most representative plants of this protected area. They have a crown rosette leaves covered with whitish hairs that protect from the cold, repel water and reflect the excess solar radiation; because of its velvety texture they are also known as "rabbit ears".

The wasteland of El Ángel is very humid and has many lagoons. In the buffer zone of the reserve there are forests of paper trees (polylepis), named for the color of its bark and because its trunk is flaked. The forest is located in a valley of glacial origin of the Quaternary era, between 2 and 4 million years ago, which was born this unique primary vegetation type in the world.

The reserve is home to numerous species of animals including stand, deer, condors and ´curiquingues´ (bird) roam throughout the area.


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