Tour Otavalo

Located 90 km from the capital Quito.

On the way we will find several viewpoints to observe the nearby volcanoes such as Cayambe, Fuya Fuya, Mojanda and Imbabura.

Not before making a stop at the flower gardens in the sector of Tabacundo, we will cross one of the most picturesque lakes; San Pablo Lake, very near to the communities of San Pablo, Araque, Gonzales Suarez and others.

We will arrive at the Otavalo market, if it coincides on a Saturday, you will be able to see the largest indigenous market in all of Latin America. The whole city is a single market where you can find products made or that have been cultivated by the Otavaleños inhabitants. 

It will take you several days to experience the attractions of the area, but mainly their crafts, such as tapestries, ponchos  and other items made of sheep or alpaca wool full of striking colors, will transcend your imagination.

This is Ecuador and this is its culture, its very kind people, where you can only observe and have no obligation to buy. In case you do so, you can ask for your discount that they are willing to oblige. Visit and you will fall in love!


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