Petrified Forest of Puyango

Very close to the border with Peru is one of the three magnificent petrified forests of the Americas.
The most appropriate season to visit is the dry season that goes from May to December, it is also one of the few remnants of tropical dry forest in southwestern Ecuador where the steep slopes and streams have preserved their own natural vegetation and complete of this type of ecosystem and other areas of secondary forest in recovery.

What is now Puyango, was formerly a sea. The oldest fossils correspond to marine organisms. This sea dried up, populating itself with forests, animals and organisms that after hundreds of years, due to great natural cataclysms, were buried underground.

Finally, by geological movements typical of the earth's crust, these remains surfaced again forming an invaluable sample of the planet's remote past. The most recent found fossils are 60 million years old and the oldest are up to 500 million years old.
This place takes us to the imagination of the past, to better understand the present, we must see it at least once in a lifetime.


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