Puerto López - Isla de la Plata The Frailes - White Water (Agua Blanca)

Originally, Puerto López is a fishing village, which as a result of the creation of the Machalilla National Park highlights the existing attractions within the park. One of them; The Isla de la Plata, located approximately 40 km from the continent where extraordinary species such as frigate birds, albatrosses, pelicans, blue footed boobies, live. Once in a while you see a colony of sea lions. The visit to this island takes an ´All day tour´, in Whale Season that goes from July to October, these mammals can easily be seen in the open sea.

Agua Blanca is a part of the park, called dry forest where we can observe some species of birds, the Agua Blanca community, the ceibo forest, a small lagoon full of sulphurous water, finally we visit the Beach of Los Frailes, where you can swim at sea, take walks to several viewpoints.
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